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  • Project: 2sbm Corp. Website
  • Date: July 2009 - October 2009
  • Client: 2sbm Netzwerk für integrierte Kommunikation & Value Marketing GmbH
  • Partner: DG Medien, Heidelberg
  • Tasks: Conceptual Consulting, Design, Flash Programming
  • http://www.2sbm.de

Seeing themselves as (quote) “as an agency which enables brands to be experienced authentically and comprehensively across all communication platforms” its only more than clear that such a group can’t live without an up to date website nowadays.

So we were asked to design the new corporate platform for Heidelberg based company 2sbm. Careful typographic design, well integrated imagery and a Flash typo animation showing the most important brand values in a three dimensional, inspiring and kind of dreamlike way give this informative website its graphical finish. DG Medien provide the technological base this time, and in our opinion did a very good job in bringing the right amount of javascript animation dynamics into our design.
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