Cyberhelvetia Technology

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  • Project: Cyberhelvetia Technology
  • Date: May 2002 - October 2002
  • Client: Credit Suisse Group
  • Contractor: 3deluxe, Wiesbaden
  • Location: Biel, Switzerland
  • Tasks: Media Systems Design, Realization

Centrepiece of the pavilion was the 13×7 m capacious glass pool. Ten synchronously working projectors (á 1.500 ANSI-Lumen) were used to generate a virtual water surface with rolling crests, fish schools, plankton clouds on a surface about 3.840 × 2.048 pixel. Another special feature displayed by the projectors were the animated „web creatures“, amphibian avatars washed up from the internet. Ten Render clients in compact 1HE-Rack-Boxes with Pentium-4-Processors and Nvidia DEForce3-graphic cards were used for the transmission and were navigated by a single, central server via Ethernet.

All computers were working with VVVV, generating at an average 30 fps of the complex underwater world. The wave animation was navigated by data received from the metereological station on the roof of the pavilion.

Furthermore six user terminals were arranged around the pool with comfortable lounges inviting the visitors to experience the various interfaces. With the „aqua phone“, a mixture of stethoscope and can-phone, it was possible to leave short sound-messages that would wander as speech balloons across the pool and ask other visitors to participate in the communication. The „aqua phone“ did not only include a micro and speakers but also a „Flock of Bird“ magnetic field tracker functioning as three-dimensional cursor that transformed the visitors movements in virtual musical instruments.

A semi virtual swiss badi
Cyberhelvetia Cy.Bee Constructor
The Cy.Bee constructor web page and the Rendez-vous camera.
Cyberhelvetia Cybermovie "Drift"
A synchronized nonvirtual water ballet.
Cyberhelvetia Technology
Technical Background for the Cyberhelvetia Exhibition.
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